Visionary. Sagess. Smartass. Grateful. Tender. Sensitive, whimsical, vulnerable. Smart. Strong. Beautiful. Alive. Precious.

Learning to honor the woman I am, while ever and always savoring the incredible GOODNESS in life, and most especially, in the life I have created.

Hopeful, committed, passionate, purposeful and playful. Whisk and fold all of this together, add in bountiful humility, shyness, dash of fear and insecurity, and this woman’s work is to steward the return of the sacred feminine. It’s all about social change, awakening and enlivening the ecosystem from the individual to the communal, unleashing our full creative human capacity. It’s a future I can’t yet envision, but can feel in every single cell. And it’s about living in the magic of the journey, every single step.

This is me, remembering. Sharing. Living the dream.

(oh, I am also the Founder and Visionary Director of a kick ass social change movement and organization, called Shakti Rising. Check it out.

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